Text Box: My name is Lindsey and I am a dog groomer working from home in the North London area.  I have a Diploma in Dog Psychology so have a good understanding of dog behaviour and I simply adore dogs.  I welcome all sizes large or small and all types of breed.  
All of the dogs in my care are treated gently and with the utmost care.  I work on a one to one basis so I don't have lots of dogs around at the same time unless you have two or more dogs that need doing.  They are allowed to wander around freely in a home environment whilst they are waiting their turn or when they have been groomed and are waiting to be picked up.  They are not put in kennels or tied up.  Water is readily available and I like to reward my doggie companions with dog treats for good behaviour.
If you have any special requirements concerning your dog I am only too happy to discuss this prior to your appointment.
Is Regular Grooming Really Necessary?

You may think that a dog only needs a full groom in the summer months as its hot but this is simply not true.  A dog not unlike us humans needs to have a regular hair cut every 6-8 weeks dependent on the breed in order to keep the coat in a good condition and tangle free, which is far better for your companion rather than leaving it painfully matted which can cause stress to the pet when it is finally taken to a groomer to try and de-matt. 

You can always use a doggie coat to keep your 
pet warmer in the winter months if necessary.

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Why is matting a problem?

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